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Quake-prone, privately owned Heritage listed buildings in Christchurch will be able to apply for support for earthquake strengthening through the new Heritage Earthquake Upgrade Incentive Programme fund (EQUIP).

The contestable fund will be available for all privately-owned Category 1 Heritage New Zealand listed buildings across the country and for Category 2 listed heritage buildings in areas of high to medium seismic risk such as Christchurch

This Government has taken a measured and targeted approach to earthquake strengthening through the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act passed earlier this year, and the Heritage EQUIP has been developed along similar lines. 

As a local MP I encourage anyone who is interested, to apply for this fund, so we can protect our cherished heritage sites for future generations.

An expert advisory panel will be set up to assess applications for EQUIP funding, which opens next year. 

More information is available on the MCH website:

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